What are the real facts about vaccinations for children?

Get Them. Vaccines are one of the most researched areas of healthcare and time and again have been shown to be safe. The benefits of vaccines greatly exceed the risks and, barring very rare medical contraindications, children should be vaccinated according to the recommended schedules.
THEY ARE.... The real facts include- decades of experience, 99.5% effective elimination of the diseases for which they are designed, saving literally hundreds of thousands of lives in the USA, prevention of millions of cases of sick children, a proven safety record, and no proven serious complications. These facts are available from the CDC or any reputable children's hospital.
CDC.gov. For the official information on vaccines, go to www.cdc.gov/vaccines. For those who are worried about vaccine safety, I have compiled a list of several articles addressing parents' concerns: http://goo.gl/RtI7jD . I hope you can access it and read to inform yourself.