I have 2 kids one has a major heart defect and has aspergers syndrome. My other was born 100% healthy. What are my odds of having another healthy baby?

It Depends. There may be more factors to consider before arriving at reasonably predictable odds. I suggest, you seek out a medical geneticist for your best answer. There are dna tests needed along with a precise history from both sides of the family; then the odds can be calculated. It would, in my opinion, be unethical to give you the answer you want without having much more data. Good luck.
To find out specific. Genetic risks for each condition, your pediatrician can order blood tests called comparative genomic hybridization. 30-40% of children with congenitalheart disease have an associated genetic disorder. Since autistic disorder is multifactorial, i.e., from many causes, it's harder to know the risk, but the cgh shows what's called a "copy repeat error" in a small segment of dna in about 15% of kids.