How many times per day do I need to bathe my baby?

Think 2-3 per week. Babies don't run thru mud puddles and don't make bo so you only need to clean the two zones that may get soiled. I personally think baby lotions are a dust magnet and avoid them. Use often leads to more bathing(cause old lotion stinks) that leads to dry skin that leads to more lotion/bath/dry/etc.Let babies natural skin oil do its job, maby a little petrolium gelly as needed. Enjoy baby time.
Think 2-3 per week. Babies do not need daily baths. In fact, daily bathing can dry out babies' delicate skin. Instead, i would aim for two to three baths weekly. As long as a baby's diaper area is thoroughly cleaned during diaper changes, they really don't need more than this. You can gently clean in any skin folds with a warm washcloth as needed on non bath days.