Related Questions

When I take melatonin to help me sleep the bottom of my feet get red unbearably itchy appear swollen. But only after taking afew nights in a row. Why?

Maybe allergic. Make sure the melatonin you are taking was synthesized in a laboratory, vs being animal derived. Melatonin from animal sources may include contaminants that you might react to. Also, talk to your doctor about this as there can be interactions with medications you may be taking. Also make sure you are taking the proper dose.

I have 1 spider bite on my leg & my arm red painful itchy very swollen my whole arm is hurting & my leg hard to walk. I feel weak. Whole body is hurts?

Seek evaluation ASAP. You need evaluation ASAP for your complaints- your MD, a walk in center, or ER if no other option available. Do not delay.