Work up for hair loss and dizzy sitting to standing and tired. Labs ferritin 6 iron saturation 5 wbc 2.8 rbc 2.9 hgb 9.0 crit 26.8 monocytes low 182 total iron 21 thyroid nodules benign?

Need units/low BP,,, I can't be sure of your hair loss, but your dizziness on standing seems a like orthostatic hypotension, where you do not have either enough volume of blood or blood pressure. This can be from meds to lower blood pressure, which also might explain your hair loss. You have low iron, and hb/hct values and these can be why you're tired, etc.. See your dr. For more evaluation, and get those lab units.
Need Hematologist. Women often see hair loss when their iron stores are low (as yours are). Dizziness on standing is often related to dehydration (volume depletion). But I am concerned about your low white count, red count, and hematocrit. You may need to be evaluated to see if you are losing blood somehow - or if you are not producing enough red cells (and white cells). I think a hematology opinion is in order.