Until I am able to get into the doctor, what home remedies should I use to help with strep throat?

Symptoms will pass. The symptoms of strep throat generally pass in a few days, if that's what it is. Gargling with salt water or sucking candy will help. That said, the real reason to treat strep is to end the possibility your body will create abnormal antibodies that will attack your brain, kidneys or heart. Rheumatic fever is uncommon today but still exists.Overall risk/untreated infection may be as high as 1%.
Strep throat? How do you know you have a strep throat? If you have had a positive test, your doctor should have prescribed antibiotics. This also goes for urgent care centers, where physician's assistants and nurse practitioners can prescribe antibiotics. Otherwise, you only have mouthwash (listerine) and lozenges. Salt water gargles may help soothe--use 1 tablespoon salt per quart of water. But really, see md!