Please describe the medicine a child can take for autism?

No Cure. If you mean to cure, no. To alleviate symptoms, sometimes yes. For example there are medications to help insomnia. Also aggressive behavior. Check with your pediatrician for help.
Many options . Meds are best thought of as helping people, not conditions. So yes, meds can help people w/ autism. It depends on what the person's biggest challenges are. Meds can help w/ irritability, anger, sleep, attention & perhaps most significantly with anxiety. There are many rxs I have used successfully in my autistic patients-incl. Ssri's, anxiolytics, atypicals, anti-add's & now oxytocin. See expert md.
Depends. Every child with autism responds differently to medications. Your doctor is the best guide to what will help your child's autism. The common medications used in autism are risperdal, fluoxetine, and but this is highly variable and dependent on the child's problems.
No specific meds. There are not specific medications for autism. Treatment is aimed at symptoms. Since a common problem is anxiety, the use of antianxiety medications is common.
Autism. There is no specific medication for autism. Sometimes we try mood stabilizer to help the child with temper outburst.