I am using vagifem twice a week to build up skin damaged by longstanding lichen sclerosis. Is hormone replacement therapy different than vagifem?

More comprehensive. Vagifem twice a week is a gold standard, but depending on your age & whether or not you have had female surgery removing one or both of your ovaries, you should consider bhrt, ie, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, from a compounding pharmacy, on rx from your doctor. Beware of the former "gold standards" like premarin, (conjugated estrogens) provera, etc. Look into suzanne somers books, & a total cure.

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Does hormone replacement therapy using estradiol and progesterone cause weight gain?

No. Not consistently anyway. Women going through menopause often gain some weight, so it commonly gets blamed on hrt.

In using bio identical hormone replacement therapy, for a 57y/o, what is the target values to make me feel young and sexy in my blood work.

No magic. Bioidentical is a great marketing phrase, but has no medical substantiation. It's just another hype to sell product. Blood work values don't make you feel young and sexy. That all a state of mind and mental attitude.

I'm 42 and started to feel like I don't have a lot of energy or a sex drive and I've gained weight. Will hormone replacement therapy help?

Which hormones. The symptoms you describe are very nonspecific. Hormone replacement only helps those who are hormone deficient. In the presence of a described deficiency of thyroid hormone, replacement is very helpful. Replacement of estrogen and Progesterone in the peri menopausal is more controversial due to ongoing risk of clots and cancers. Rarer hormone deficiencies require an endocrine evaluation.

Are women using hormone replacement therapy at risk for other health conditions?

Yes. The estrogen hormone increases the risk of deep vein clots, a dangerous condition, to about twice the baseline rate. It also increases the risk of cancer of the uterus unless combined with a Progesterone hormone. This combination protects the uterus but somewhat increases the risk of breast cancer, an effect not seen with estrogen alone. Hormone replacement also increases the risk of bleeding.
Yes, but... Remember that Estradiol levels are much higher during ovulation than those typically achieved during hrt. The focus has primarily been on the negative aspects of hrt rather than the health benefits. That's an inflammatory reaction to hrt, ignoring all the positive aspects of hrt. See a physician that focuses on the positive, while monitoring for the negative.

Could hormone replacement therapy be given to elderly women to improve the healing time of wounds?

No. Not known to help in that respect. And the risks to that age woman would be significant depending on medical history. But hormones are not known to increase wound healing in that respect.
Avoid this. Poor wound healing could be from many factors, including compromised immune system, poor nutrition, active / chronic infection, immobility, circulatory problems (e.g. Peripheral vascular disease), deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals (e.g. Vitamin c, zinc), uncontrolled diabetes, and tobacco use. Hormone replacement therapy should not be started without consulting with a physician first.

What is the best type of hormone replacement therapy for treating hot flashes. I have up to thirty a day?

Hormone replacement. The best type of Hormone Replacement is to contact your doctor regarding your hormone and hot flashes. Please let me know how things go.

Can hormone replacement therapy for women cause loss of libido and difficulty achieving orgasm?

Possible. There are several side effects to hrt, and libido issues are one. Menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms in and of themselves, can wreak havoc on a woman's sex drive/libido and orgasms in general. Discuss with your rx'ing dr. And hopefully adjusting and or changing meds may help. Best wishes.
I am not. Aware of any evidence to support low dose hrt in post menopausel women having a negative effect on libido. Many things can, the biggest is fatigue. If u are up at night with hot flashes then, well, fatigue. With lack of estrogen vaginal tissue thing can occur creating pain and a negative association w/intercourse. Your decreased libido unlikely to improve by stopping hrt. Good luck.
HRT! Hormone replacement therapy with estrogen, such as 17-beta-estradiol is done usually with doses of 0.5 to 2 mg. This dose will not typically result in levels equivalent to premenopause. Also, there is a natural loss on the modest testosterone levels. You can ask your doctor if you are a candidate for an estrogen/methyltestosterone pill which can help!