What are the views on vaccinating children?

Best protection! Vaccines have been scrutinized in the lab and the media about their safety, and each time they win! vaccines have saved the lives of thousands of children over the years and have been proven to be safe. I am saddened that there even is a controversy, since it seems fabricated on "feelings" and not facts.
Vaccines are safe! It is very unfortunate that general public has forgotten the enormity of tragedy inflicted upon children by the communicable diseases now well controlled because of universal vaccination. They hear only the rare side effects or coincidental 'incidents' associated with vaccination. Our children deserve best protection against preventable diseases!
Best advance. The progress of vaccines over the last century has been the greatest single lifesaver for kids ever. Sadly, its success has led to a generation of grandparents & parents who don't realize the risks without.When almost all kids were vaccinated in the 90's Whooping cough in the US totaled ~2500 cases & no deaths.In 2014 we had >40000 cases with about 40 deaths, mostly kids .