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Brown mucous discharge in the last month of Depo-Provera with unprotected sex & same discharge after Depo-Provera is up and had unprotected sex with negative test?

Bleeding. Depo i'd famous for irregular spotting but there may be bleeding do to cervical inflammation/ infection. Gotta watch for chlamydia, it can cause this, otherwise, if not pregnant, which your not, may be someting u can relieve with Estradiol. 25 mg ever night.

Is 31 days a long enough wait from the last time I had unprotected sex to take a pregnancy test? Periods are irregular. Got off Depo-Provera 7-24-14.

Yes. A pregnancy test is usually positive within 2-3 weeks of conception. If you had regular periods, this would be about the time of a delayed period.

Last Depo-Provera shot missed last nov. Regular period not returned, light spotting once. Unprotected sex march 23. Too early for home urine pregnancy test?

No, not too early. A urine pregnancy test, done correctly, gives a reliable result 3 weeks after sex. It has been 3-4 weeks since march 23, so testing can be done now.

How long should you wait to take a pregnancy test from the last day you had unprotected sex? My periods are irregular! I just got off Depo-Provera on 7-24-14.

Pregnancy. Hi, usually if you had sex during Fertile time which is usually 11-16 days prior to the next period you could get pregnant, some home pregnancy tests are more sensitive and could detect pregnancy up to a wk prior to the next period, so you can purchase one of those or go to ur doctor's office and ask for blood B-HCG (possibly better result for you if period is irregular). Good luck.

Missed Depo-Provera shot had unprotected sex spotting for a day & cramping no period and conspitation but three negative pregnancy test can I be pregnant?

Probably not. Pregnancy tests are very accurate and will be positive within 7-10 days from ovulation. However, you risk pregnancy with any unprotected sex and depoprovera only reliable for three months. Return of menses coming off depoprovera can be erratic. See your doctor to evaluate.

Had unprotected sex after I missed my Depo-Provera shot &i spotted for a day but I had three negative pregnancy test but no period yet when do my period come?

Patience. Capital modulates the hormonal menstrual cycle and it can take a wild for a normal ovulatory cycle to ensue. It can take 3 to 6 months to have normal periods again be patient.