Why does my child complain about leg pain?

Growing pains. This could be growing pains. Growing pains are inflammatory areas on the end of bones (apophosytis) commonly in the knee area, heel area or even various other regions in the body. These occur from stress to these areas while growing. Rest, ice, and nsaids such as Motrin can help. Also important is stretching exercises around the joints to relieve stress to the apophyses.
Growing pain. Growing pain is a common issue for growing children. It usually occurs at night without any swelling or redness or limping associated with it. You need to exclude the possibility of infection i the bone or bone. You also need to exclude leukemia too.
Get checked. There are many causes but some are dangerous. If its worse or not better over a week, get seen to make sure no fracture or childhood cancer.
Need glutathione. Our body makes glutathione but if energy needs are high we deplete this quicker taking orally vit b6 and supplement glutathione will help the pain. Glutathione precursor is nac which is available over the counter n-acetyl cysteine.
Loss of cell energy. Cell needs glutathione which gets depleted quicker with high energy needs for body supplement with n-acetyl cysteine helps with generating more glutathione inside body and relieves cell fatigue and pain.

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Why does my child complain about leg pain without any signs of injuries?

Many reasons. Is your child and very active? Pain may be a result of overuse. Some children will have growing pains. If the pain persists, or gets worse, have it checked out. Read more...