Is smoking in a car with children bad?

Yes. Yes, yes. Yes. There is no question that second hand smoke is extremely dangerous and the more enclosed a space the more intense the exposure.
If you love them yes. Second hand smoke is proven toxic to people. And it's much harder on children. Force them to smoke with you in a closed environment, you increase their risk for all kinds of health problems. Want your children to have asthma, or worse? Thousands of children die every year from exposure to tobacco smoke. Many states are banning this outright, and i for one wish to see it in all 50 states.
Terrible. it is in a closed environment,sticks to clothes and interior of the car even if the child was not there at the time.results in bronchial conditions,flare up of asthma.
Child abuse. Yes, I would say smoking in a car with children is very bad and is actually a form of child abuse! The poor kids are being exposed to potentially deadly toxins with no way for them to take action to protect themselves from this.
Yes. Yes, they are then subject to second-hand smoke, which has been shown to cause respiratory illness, asthma and even an increased incidence of lung cancer later in life.