My child is allergic to metal. What precautions should itake?

Metal Allergy. The most common metal allergy is nickel. Usually this is suspected when your metal objects such as a front button or jewelry which contain nickel are exposed to the skin and cause an eczematous type of rash. This can be confirmed by patch testing with your physician.
Continued...... If you are concerned about something else other than a localized skin reaction such as this, please see your doctor for further evaluation.
Maybe. Some people have what we call "nickel dermatitis" which is a localized skin reaction to metal such as nickel. These people will have round areas of rash on their stomach from the snaps of their jeans, problems with earrings or jewelry touching their skin if it isn't real gold, etc. You can prevent it by not having these types of metals touch the skin.
Nickel Dermatitis. Wearing fancy earings, metal buckles in belts can cause itchy rash. They are allergic to metal treated with steroid cream called nickel dermatitis.