Common symptoms of Marfan's syndrome?

Marfan Syndrome. There is significant variability in how Marfan syndrome presents in people. Possibly symptoms include: tall height; long arms, legs, fingers & toes, heart murmur, curved spine, flat feet, nearsightedness & deformity of the breast bone.

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Is a collasped lung due to Marfan syndrome common?

Not Entirely Common. Marfan's patients can have spontaneous collapse of the lungs (known as pneumothorax). I would not say it is very common but it can occur. Typically marfan's patients have small air pockets at the top of the lungs called blebs. These blebs can rupture causing an airleak into the space between the lung and the chest wall. The air pushes on the lung causing the collapse.
Rare. Spontaneous pneumothorax is one of the less common features of Marfan syndrome. Weakness of the connective tissue in the lungs can result in "blebs" in the lung, particularly in the apex of the lung. Blebs can rupture, leading to air leak out of the lung (pneumothorax), and subsequent collapse of the affected lung.