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Should I start a new pack of birth control pills or continue using the one I am currently on. I started my period 2 weeks early which has never happened before. I am normally extremely regular but this last week I forgot to take my pill for 4 days and now

I. I would probably recommend just starting a new pack. The absence of the pill for 4 days triggered the withdrawal bleeding. You should also plan on a back-up birth control method such as condoms or the morning after pill.

How long should period bleeding last on the birth control pills? When I start my new pack will my period bleeding stop? It's longer than usual help

Follow the plan. Since OCPs have a distinct regulation mode to get your body to behave as it should. Some irregular bleeding may occur in the beginning of the OCP in the first few months. So keep the faith and follow the plan. If it doesn't work for you because of your irregularity or whatnot, you will know after 3-4 months. And if you have already waited that long, then visit your GYN or family physician.

I've had my period for 10 days now, what does that mean? And what should I do and worry about? Normally mine last the whole 7 days. I've never had an IUD and I don't take birth control pills. My period is normally abnormal as it can go along with my stres

Abnormal. Abnormal bleeding can occur from fluctuations in hormones, which can occur from stress on the body. Weight changes (too high or too low) can affect menstruation also. If you have continued bleeding please be medically evaluated. Please be sure your pap is up to date. If you have any discharge, fever, pain, or increased or continued bleeding then you must be seen immediately for an evaluation.

I got my period 8 days early and I'm on the pill. Should I continue my pack normally? Hello! I am on Yaz birth control pills (been on it for about 4 years) and last month, I did the trick where I skipped the placebos and went straight to my next back in o

Extended. Extended cycle contraception is effective for "scheduling" your menstrual period. Some women can tolerate long periods of continuous hormones others break through with spotting or bleeding. When this happens you may want to take 5-7 days off (use back up contraception) and then start a new pack.

I was on the birth control pills but I ran out and when my period came on it only lasted a day is that normal r do I need to worry?

Don't worry! It is not at all unusual for your menstrual cycle to be a little off when going on or off birth control pills, and not all women respond the same. Things like weight, stress, exercise level etc can also affect your cycle. Worrying only makes things worse!