Can braces change the profile of your face?

YES! Orthodontics not only provides straight teeth but can also produce profound facial profile changes. A correct diagnosis and plan of treatment by a gifted clinician will allow for the best of both worlds: a beautiful smile and the best profile allowable, within genetic limits. If conventional braces cannot do this themselves, corrective jaw surgery can be added to the overall plan.
To a degree. Orthodontic specialists are quite attuned to facial profile esthetics. We intend to provide improvements with orthodontics.
Yes. Depending upon the results of your examination. We strive for a full face result in my practice. Removal of teeth will affect profile either positively or negatively depending upon your initial look. Non-extraction therapy is tailored to a fuller lip profile result, typically. I remove teeth in profiles that are too full: lips stick out past the nose. Otherwise we dont remove many teeth.