I take metoprolol, fosinopril and diltiazem. Why did my doc prescribe me all of these?

High blood pressure? Most likely your blood pressure can not be controlled with a single med. It is not uncommon to use different drugs that have different mechanism of action in these cases to contribute to decrease the blood pressure.

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I take metoprolol, fosinopril, and diltiazem. What is my doctor thinking?

Hypertension. It would be best if you ask him in a straightforward and unchallenging fashion. Those are excellent medications for the treatment of hypertension. The combination implies you have important high blood pressure. 2 of them could be combined into generic Lotrel (amlodipine and benazepril) & so you could be on 2 instead of 3 medicines. Further history (and physical and lab) would tell us a lot more about you. Hrs www.Thepmc.Org. Read more...