Glasses falling off nose from a flat nose bridge. Any surgical procedure to correct this?

Rhinoplasty. Yes. A common complaint that people have is that they don't like their nasal bridge and like it to be improved with rhinoplasty. There are a number of different techniques that can be used to either augment or reduce that nasal bridge or dorsum. Consult with a facial plastic surgeon to find out more details.

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My glasses fall off my flat nose bridge?

Compromise. The nasal bridge is a common support for eyeglasses but comes in all shapes and sizes. Your selection of a frame has to be a compromise between what looks stylish to you and what can rest properly on the bridge of the nose. This you need to discuss with the technician at the optical shop to get the best fit.
Flat nose. You could consider an augmentation rhinoplasty. In my practice, I use rib cartilage for this which gives you life long improvement with little or no chance of rejecting the tissue or having a delayed infection.

Could occasional pinching of nostrils or glasses sometimes pinching the nostrils make the bones of nose bridge bigger or does only surgery change that?

Eyeglass nose pads have no. Effect on enlarging nasal bridge bone size. That's not something that's constructed or impacted from any external forces. You may just have swelling of your nose from your allergies. Discuss this with your PCP or ENT doctor.