Are there any more effective options to treat alzheimer's besides donepezil?

Not yet. Donepezil and related medications, rivastigmine and galantamine (galantamine hydrobromide) all have about the same level of mild benefit. However, sometimes a patient will respond better to one of the drugs vs. The others. Another drug, memantine (namenda) words differently so it can be added on, but its level of benefit is less.
Nothing great, but.. The basic meds such as donepezil, galantamine, (galantamine hydrobromide) and rivastigmine are mediocre interventions, and memantine, is best when used with the others. Sometimes, early on, a medical food such as axona or cerefolin-nac might be useful, but neither is a lasting solution. Sorry, we just don't seem to be getting newer meds for dementia.