32 soon to be 33weeks pregnant. I'm dilated to 1cm and really thinned out. Does that mean I'm delivering early? I've had premature labor twice.

Keep ur OB informed. You should keep in close contact with your OB & know when to go in to be evaluated.Early labor can often be stopped & prevent the serious consequences of premature delivery. At 32-33 wks, baby has > 50% chance of premature lung disease & a long stay in the nicu.Follow doc instructions as given, the longer you hold on the better.
PRETERM LABOR. There is a test which can be performed by your MD/midwife called Fetal Fibronectin which can give a good prediction IFNEGATIVE of the lack of possibility of preterm delivery within the next 10-14 days. Discuss with your provider ways to prevent preterm delivery. The longer the baby is intrauterine, the better.