How to get a splinter out of my baby daughters mouth?

Splinter. Depends on the situation. The splinter definitely needs to come out. If it is relatively small and is partially sticking out and the child is not hysterical or in distress, then you could restrain the child and try to pull the splinter out. Then report to the doctor. Otherwise it is best to get the child to the emergency room for a doctor to examine the baby and remove the splinter.
How patient R U. If u have help, someone can hold the child while you open the mouth.A face cloth between two fingers can help grasp the tip of the tongue while you grasp the splinter with forceps with fingers of the other hand. If its not in the tongue, a finger spreads the jaws while you access the inside of the cheeks. If this is confusing or makes u squeemish, let your dr do it.