My u/s at 9 weeks 6 days confirmed my due date to be january 22, 2013. I got that u/s on june 25, 2012. When did I conceive? What month was my lmp?

DOC 5/1/12, LMP 4/12. Based on that 1st trimester ultrasound, you likely conceived around the 1st of may. Your last period should have been around the middle of april. You're full term now, though. Good luck with your delivery!
May 1 and April 18. Gestational age calculations from ultrasound assume that you ovulated on day 14 of your cycle and include the two weeks before ovulation, back to the onset of your last period, since due dates are traditionally based on the last period. If you were 9 weeks 6 days (69 days) gestation on 6/25/12, that translates to conception on or about 5/1/12 and onset of a last period on 4/18/12.