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Vitamin d 14 unit TSH 12, testerone 190. Get dizziness concentration loss & headache. Pl explain?

Vitamin D deficiency. In addition TSH is elevated indicating primary hypothyroidism please repeat serum total testosterone. First one was low headaches are encountered in hypothyroidism.

Vitamin d 14 unit TSH 12 testerone 190 get dizziness concentration loss headache please explain possibilities?

See an endocrinologi. You definitely need to see an endocrinologist because of your multiple hormonal abnormalities. You need a good workup and repeat testing to confirm these abnormalities -- and then have them, and their causes, treated properly life long.
No need! A good pcp can check your free testosterone and also Estradiol (to make sure it is not elevated). Both vitamin d and testosterone are low. But toal testosterone is not what should be followed! Only free. No need to see and endo, since a compatent internist or fp should be able to handle this!