My 4 yo son has had fever and sore throat for 3 days, now he has stomach pain and nausea, should he be seen or wait it out?

See a doctor. Children illnesses could be very tricky they will not look sick until it is too late and the disease advanced take him to see a doctor you will get assurance or will be treated properly and avoid complication so please take him to see a doctor.
Viral syndrome. It depends on how ill he is overall. In general, you want to see if can get better with good symptomatic control using acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain and fever, lots of fluids and rest. But, if he is not eating, is getting dehydrated, and isn't looking good, then go to pediatrician. Err on the side of caution and see the pediatrician if you are uncertain.

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Fever, entire body aches, neck hurts, and mild stomach pain with nausea.. Get sore throat but only at night. What's wrong with me?

Need more info. I'd need lots more info to help on this one. How long have symptoms been there, how high is fever, and exposures or rashes, shot record, etc. This could be strep, could be influenza, possibly mono, other viruses. The list is quite long until more history and an exam done. Would suggest a visit to your doc today before the weekend or alternatively, an urgent care center. Get lots of rest and fluids.

What do I do with a 4 year old with a fever, vomiting and sore throat? Already tried nausea meds and cool compress on forehead

Fever, . Fever, vomiting and sore throat may be signs of strep throat. You should see a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor should perform a rapid strep or throat culture. Simply looking in the throat is not acceptable. Sore throats may be viral or bacterial (like strep). Only bacterial infections require antibiotics.

Spent hours in ER for nothing, 6 year old in serious pain. Help! My 6 year old has complained about a sore throat for a few days now. Yesterday the complaints got worse. She was restless throughout the night, ran a fever, and complained of stomach pain a

Hello.. Hello. This does sound frustrating. One of the hardest things for me as a mother, is seeing my child in pain. Children can actually get enlarged tonsils fairly easily. The reason that your daughter wasn't prescribed an antibiotic is likely that if she doesn't have streph throat that it will not help an infection that is viral in nature. Starting and stopping antibiotics is actually a major reason that we have developed so many antibiotic resistant bacteria in the us. There can be side effects for a number of antibiotics such as gasterointestinal upset, yeast infections and allergic reactions. Regarding a negative rapid strep test, yes sometimes the more definitive test may still come back positive. This happened to me a few months ago. If her temp rises to 104 or greater, she should be re-evaluated. Usually the major source of pain is from the temperature. If her fever is not well controlled with the tylenol/ Motrin rotation, consider addition of tepid bath to help control any fever spikes. If she is urinating well, then she should be adequately hydrated. There are lollipop lozenges in a variety of shapes and flavors that can be used at her age to assist with the pain of a sore throat. I hope she feels better soon. Take care.
Suggestiong only. What I did for my kids, you may not agree to do for your child. I spray ultra Colloidal Silver[health food stores] in their nose and mouth, as soon as they get itchy throat. Another thing I did was to use 50% mouthwash and 50% hydrogen peroxide. These are things you can do at home to help. Stomach problems aloe vera juice from supermarkets. Most URTI are viruses, no meds help!