What is the point of circumcising a baby boy?

Prevention of HIV. The AIDs prevention research project in Africa was a very large research project in Africa, where AIDs is devastating the population, which clearly shows a 60-80% reduction in the rate of HIV transmission due to male circumcision. This research has been evaluated and backed by the World Health Organization. None of the certifying bodies in the US or American press have picked this up, yet.
Circumcision. There is no medical indication for circumcision. It cuts down the risk of penile cancer, swelling around the penis, and infection, but not by much.
Religious reasons. While the aap does not recommend it, it is still done. The original circumcision was abraham in the bible as god instructed and it has continued since then on the 8th day after birth. While there may be little "medical point" there is still the religious reason and personal preference for many. It is nice to have freedom of choice. I agree with do research to get best answer for you personally.
Little point. American academy of pediatrics is not in favor of routine infant circumcision.
U need to research. Too big a topic for this space. Read the pros and cons from the aap (pediatrics), aafp (family medicine), aua (urology), nocirc web site. There are arguments for and against. Mostly cultural, then religeous, then cosmetic, then preventative, then personal preference. Remember the baby boy doesn't have a vote unless you leave him alone untill he is old enough to make the decision for himself.

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What is the point of circumcising a baby boy nowadays?

So he looks lk daddy. Personal choice is the main issue behind circumcision today. Most of my parents who chose to or not to do so because daddy went thru the procedure. Frequency varies over the world. 30% france/australia 10% britain (not covered on nhi plan)~80% us with regional variation. The only boys i see with uti's are not, but that is uncommon. There is some data suggesting less risk of std's. Read more...