Can marijuana be used to enable a person to overcome anger? What research is available on the topic?

Overcoming anger. Marijuana may temporarily suppress anger, but it will not help you overcome it. If you're having problems managing your anger, it may help you much more to see a psychiatrist or other mental health professional for an assessment. Many conditions have anger as part of them, and it would be better to know what you're dealing with than to add an unknown on top of it.
Not much. Being an illicit substance, mj research is hampered by inability to use the scientific method (placebo controlled prospective studies). So data on mj is observational or anecdotal. There are no reports that could be found of mj being used clinically to control anger. The opposite is more often the case during mj withdrawal.
Anger? Situation. Can evoke feeling in us and the feeling usually in u way if thinking , negative thoughts can usually lead to depression , anxiety and argerness . Find u self a good therapist to help u with cognitive behavioral therapy.