I have been diagnosed with chronic depression but I suspect I have bipolar disorder. I'm irritable easily, I change moods and have nighmares daily.?

Seek consultation. No diagnosis can be made without careful review of his history and examination. Certainly mood changes and irritability can be related to bipolar, but irritability is also a primary symptom of depression. Nightmares or vivid dreams can be related to medications or anxiety. If current treatment is not working formal psychological testing/consultation can help with differential diagnosis.
See a psychiatrist. Depression is a condition associated with both major depression and bipolar disorder however the treatment can be different. The presence of mania or hpomania confirms the diagnosis of the latter and needs to be treated accordingly.

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Does it sound like I'm suffering from bipolar disorder (manic depression)? I often have sudden, and random shifts in my mood. Sometimes I'm fine, sometimes I'm absolutely irritable and just angry at the world. Then there are times that I am so ridiculousl

Hello, . Hello, dr. Kardener made good points. I don't know if you have bipolar disorder. Your symptoms could be consistent with bipolar disorder but borderline personality disorder or unipolar agitated depression can present similarly. The recommendation for a mood stabilizer is spot on. I agree with a referral to a psychiatrist if you are not already seeing one. Unless you see a psychiatrist who also does therapy; would recommend that you also work with a therapist. With the right treatment, would anticipate that you will start seeing improvment. If you are seriously contemplating suicide please get help right away. Having a plan or urges to follow through on it should definately prompt immediate care. Take care and don't give up hope.
It. It certainly sounds like a reasonable assumption that you may have bipolar disorder based on the description you provided. Of course it is important to know if there are any other factors such as medications, both prescribed or over the counter, as well as "street drugs" and alcohol that can lead to similar symptoms. If the diagnosis is confirmed by a psychiatrist, you likely would be changed from Celexa (citalopram) to a mood stabilizer or a mood stabilizing medication added to the celexa (citalopram). I am concerned that you may be accurately reporting that an antidepressant alone is worsening the symptoms. That is not unusual. Your physician made a good attempt at trying to get you relief of the symptoms, but in light of your report, a change is in order if the diagnosis is confirmed and there are no other contributing factors such as I mentioned above. I also do not understand why you feel you cannot open up and talk about this? Remember, the communication between doctor and patient is protected and not subject to release without your express permission, other than in very limited circumstances of danger to others when a physician must report or take other protective steps. So, please ask your doctor to recommend a psychiatrist for you to see, or seek through a university's department of psychiatry a referral for a good evaluation. There are a large number of very good agents that can be of considerable help for someone with bipolar disorders.

I have depression, OCD and anxiety disorder. Do I have bipolar disorder too? I have varied moods from extremely sad to happy to very angry and irritable.

Too many labels. If you have bipolar disorder you can eliminate the depressive diagnosis because it includes that. The only way for a diagnosis to me made it with the help of a mental health professional. Please see on to get the support you need. Peace and good health. Medicine alone is probably not enough. Cognitive behavioral therapy may help also.
Evaluation. Bipolar disorder is characterized by disturbances in mood including mania. Any patient suffering from depression needs an evaluation to include screening for mania.