Recent blood test shows gpt/alt of 219 and got/ast of 85. Is there something wrong with my liver?

Possibly. Problems like these can only be correctly handled by your doctor in person. He/she needs to listen to you, perform an examination and possibly run labs or other tests. That's the only way he/she can find out what's going on and what to do about it.

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I recently done my blood test for liver kidney the as per report AST 63 ALT 76 ggtp 156 alp 214 total bilirubin 1.54 bilirubin direct 0.26 bilirubi1.3?

Workup. Your workup might go like this. Stop all alcohol & meds for two weeks. If transaminases ast/alt normal, you have the explanation. If not, bloodwork for hepatitis b, c, hemochromatosis, wilson's, maybe autoimmune hepatitis & antitrypsin. All but antytrypsin are deadly-but-treatable, your life was saved. If still no diagnosis, lifestyle with focus on aerobic fitness may improve numbers & your life. Read more...