Tooth infection not gone after ten days on amoxicillin. Can I use clyndamycin now to get rid of.?

Ask your dentist. Antibiotics do not resolve tooth issues. Definitive dental treatment does. Please call for an appointment.
Remove the cause. Are you taking Amoxicillin on your own or was it prescribed by a dentist? In order for infections to be resolved, the main objective is to treat or remove the cause of the infection. Antibiotics along with your own body's healing mechanisms are secondary. A dentist who is treating you would be the best one to determine why you still have an infection and what treatment\antibiotic is indicated.
See a dentist ASAP. The tooth infection won't go away without treatment and the infection may spread to your jaw, cheeks, sinus and to other areas of your body. Dentist will treat a tooth abscess by treating the cause and getting rid of the infection. Do not delay. Good luck.
Check w/ dentist. Amoxiciin/penicillin are best for these infections but other antibiotic can also work. Do anything before having the situation is evaluated by you dentist. If the infection is that bad you might need a root canal.