Why do I always have pain right under and above my kidneys in my back? I stay with uti's but never have had further testing.

Get checked. If you keep UTIs and are having pains in the area of kdneys in the back.It Is about time you get yourself checked as there may be some kidney condition which needs to be checked for anatomic abnormalities by doing imaging like ultrasound or Cat Scan examination. I will suggest you get it checked from your family physician or a urologist.
Have kidneys checked. You should have your kidney function checked. Also, consider consulting a urologist to have a thorough evaluation. Recurrent UTI's can cause damage to the kidneys if not treated promptly and adequately. This is especially true if UTIs start during early childhood. Hopefully, your kidneys are fine, the pain you are having may be muscular, but is always better to know for sure.