Is it possible to have a baby after having a tubal and phelopean tube removal?

YES. Whether you conceive naturally or will need fertility therapy will depend on the status of your other fallopian tube. Is the other tube blocked? Was it removed? Did whatever damaged the one tube effect the other? Seek the care of an obgyn or re/i to check your remaining tube. This will give you valuable information as to whether its possible to conceive naturally or if you will need ivf.
Yes. How easy it will be depends on why you had your tube removed. If for endometriosis, then could take awhile to get pregnant, if for tubal pregnancy, at risk for it happening again, but can occur through other tube. Seek care of doctor early in process. Consider consult with infertiliy specialist for ivf if possible, depending on resources and timeline.
Yes. However, you will have to go through ivf. Without fallopian tubes, there is no way for egg and sperm to meet other than artificially, outside the body. Once fertilized outside the body, the embryo can be placed into the uterus for maturation. Needless to say, you will need a specialist for this.
Yes. Yes, you may achieve pregnancy after tubal removal by using assisted reproductive technology (art or ivf). Using art, you will bypass the fallopian tube.