What does a high iron saturation in a blood test mean?

? hemachromatosis. It might be either primary or secondary hemochromatosis. Depending on how high the number, it will either require further testing for hemochromatosis now or monitoring over time. Hemochromatosis is a disease of iron overload easily managed by drawing off blood (kind of like blood donation) to deplete the excess iron. Be sure you aren't taking any iron supplements and follow up with your provider.

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14 month son blood report. Iron% Saturation 15%LowHemoglobin 9.2LowHematocrit 29.4LowPlatelet Count 646Higheverything else normal. What it means?

Anemia. He may have an iron deficiency anemia. A low platelet count and blood count in a 14 month old boy can have many causes. Viral infections, genetic diseases, medications, infections, lymphomas or leukemias are some of them. He needs a complete physical exam and it is possible a bone marrow biopsy may need to be done.