I'm not pregnant & take daily prenatal vitamins, can I also take daily biotin pills?

Biotin. Prenatal vitamin formulations are an excellent multivitamin for both the pregnant and non-pregnant alike. Without knowing the specific brand of prenatals you are using, many brands already contain biotin so you would not likely need additional biotin. If your particular brand does not contain biotin, there would be no problem in adding biotin to your daily vitamin supplementation.
Yes. Up to 50% of pregnant women are deficient in biotin and this deficiency may increase risk of birth defects. While many prenatals contain biotin it is often in small amounts. Higher amounts may be beneficial for balancing blood sugar, for energy & for hair & nail health. There is no harm in taking additional biotin. See http://www.Bastyrcenter.Org/content/view/609/.

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I am 5 months pregnant and take prenatal vitamins that have biotin 300mcg can I also take biotin 5, 000 mcg supplement?

What for? Extra biotin will not do you any good. High doses of biotin can mess up some of the lab tests, so I would recommend that you stick with the pre-natal vitamins only. Read more...

M 8 weeks pregnant, is there any Problem If I take biotin 5000 in morning and nestabs abc prenatal vitamins capsule n soft gel capsule one at night?

Probably not. But biotin deficiency is rare and biotin readily available from dietary sources so that the need for the supplement is questionable, especially in such a large dose. There is really no data to indicate harm in taking it, but in pregnancy we like to err on the side of caution and avoid things that are not clearly indicated. Read more...