I accidentally ate 5 slices of turkey with some white patches of mold on them. Is this going to harm me?

Possibly. One should always examine food they are eating and if there is ever a question as to the integrity of the food, do not eat it! molds may not be that dangerous but this indicates that a bacterial overgrowth (spoilage) may have occured and one could contract food poisoning. Vomiting, diarrhea, fever and other symptoms may occur if food poisoning. See pcp, go to er or seek help if sick.
Probably not. In most cases mold will not be a problem for you. You should watch your symptoms, although, some people are more emotional than others and tend to overinterpret their symptoms attributing them to something that they did or ate, while there may be no connection whatsoever. I'd say - what your symptoms. If they are mild and subside on their own, no worries. O/w, see your doctor.