Is ulcerative colitis related to stress?

No. Symptoms of ulcerative colites may be aggravated by stress bur ulcerative colites is not caused by stress.
Probably not . Ulcerative colitis is a form of inflammatory bowel disease that is suspected to have a genetic component. It has no known direct cause but some experts think it can be triggered by environmental factors in a genetically susceptible person. In short- no one knows what truly causes ibd but stress is not frequently cited as the direct reason.

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I have mild ulcerative colitis, w/ few GI effects but much knee pain. Does knee-stressing exercise like slowly climbing stairs hurt or help my knees?

see details. It depends on the cause of the knee pain. Knee inflammation is relatively common in uc but it usually is present only when the colitis is uncontrolled. Have the knee examined before deciding which exercises work best and to see if more specific treatment is needed. Read more...

How do "colitis" and "ulcerative colitis" differ?

Colitis. There are many forms and types of colitis, some will resolve on their own. Infectious (bacterial), pseudomembranous, ischemic, crohn's, etc. Ulcerative colitis is a specific form of chronic colitis of uncertain cause, diagnosed often by biopsy at colonoscopy. It can be a long term condition needing specific medications to treat & serial colonoscopy to watch the degree of colitis or for dysplasia. Read more...

What are the main symptoms of Ulcerative colitis?

Ulcerative colitis. Typical symptoms include diarrhea with overt rectal bleed, abdominal pain. Some can present with nausea, weight loss, and fever. There are other associated symptoms and complications, but less frequent. Read more...