I have a heart burn problem since 4 years. I got an endoscopy done and the doctor said it is GERD and he prescribed rabeprozole. I have temporarly relief but no fix. What should I do?

Consider alternative. Not every medication in that class (ppi) works quite as well for an individual. Consider omeprazole, esomeprazole, pantoprazole, lansoprazole, deslansoprazole. Some patients benefit from addiing a pepsid class (h2) medi to their ppi regimen. Others may need to undergo surgical procedure of fundoplication. For any of these, you should return to your gastroenterologist for individual treatment.
Further work-up need. Make sure you were also tested for h-pylori infection as sometimes it can produce similar symptoms. A hiatal hernia also needs to be ruled out. Sometimes anti-reflux surgery is needed when medical therapy fails.
Talk to him. In addition some condition and treatment is not a cure jut to ease things off.