When is it secure for someone with herpes zoster be in contact with others?

Some contacts are ok. Herpes zoster is the chicken pox virus, so a person with zoster can touch any normal person (not immunocompromised, not on prednisone, not a baby) who has immunity to the virus from a past vaccination or a past case of chicken pox or zoster. Otherwise, the zoster patient can wait until all his rash is fully healed (although he is probably not contagious once his scabs are all dry and healing).
TillBlistersDryUP. Herpes zoster rash is contagious to those who have not had chicken pox and also the vaccine and are susceptible to chicken pox They can shed the virus till the blisters dry up.Once the blisters dry up there is no risk of some one getting infected with chicken pox Herpes zoster blisters can only cause chicken pox and these do not cause herpes zoster in some one who is in contact.
Contagiousness. Contagiousness is highly unlikely in someone with herpes zoster (shingles) once the area that is affected has crusted over. This generally takes about 10 days. If the lesions are in an area where there is adequate clothing covering, then there is a very low risk of transmission as well. All the best!