30 weeks twin pregnancy andt there are two large fibroids of 11.6cm located at the upper part of the uterus. Does this have effect on the twins?

Fibroids pregnant. Twins and large fibroids increase the risk of premature labor. That is the main risk. The fibroids don't directly affect the pregnancy in most cases although there is some risk of pain, bleeding or effects on the placenta. If the fibroids were in the lower area, they could interfere with labor.

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What are the chances to have twin pregnancy or beyond in existence of uterus fibroid?

Depends. The incidence of twins depends on what part of the world you are from. In the us, the incidence is 33/1000.. Because the position of the fibroid in your uterus may be an important factor, it is difficult to say if your chances are better or worse than another patient without fibroids. Check with your OB to find out if the fibroid is near the inner surface of the the uterine cavity or the outer. Read more...