Is there any reason to be scared of a seizure I had 2 when I was 14 in my sleep I am 30 now and I obsess over that I will have another I am scared?

See a doctor. It has been 16 years since the seizures you experienced as a teenager. You can be reassured that after 6 months, an untreated, undiagnosed seizure is no longer a reason have any restrictions from driving, working, etc. At this point a recurrence is very unlikely. You can be evaluated with a test called an eeg to see if there is any further evidence of abnormal electrical activity in the brain.
Seizure. It has been a long time. The cause of your seizures wasn't mentioned. I would get evaluated by a neurologist to clarify the initial cause for the seizures, check an eeg if indicated, and any other test recommended based on a good history& physical. It's worth peace of mind. It may be suggested that you avoid triggers than make seizures more likely. The neurologist will explain them.