Can TMJ cause clogged ears when eating?

Maybe. I would suggest having someone check your ears and if there is no problem see someone who can diagnose and treat TMJ problems.
Possibly, but.... Tmj\tmd symptoms can include ear pain, tinnitus, ear pressure, and a muffled feeling. However, your clogged ears may very likely be caused by many other conditions. I suggest you first consult with an ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist).
No. The temperomandibular joint is completely separate from the ear canal, but the joint sits just in front of it. If you had any clicking/cracking sounds, pain, or limited movement of your jaw, or muscle and head pain on the sides you could have tmd.
Yes. Clogged or stuffy ears is a common sign of TMJ disorders. See an oral surgeon for correlation.

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What causes clogged ears? And popin them all the time? Bedside tmj

The most common. Cause of clogged ears is ear wax. The accumulation can be considerable over time. Consult with your PCP or an otolaryngologist to have your ears checked. A quick exam can confirm or rule out a wax issue. Good luck. . Read more...
Could be TMJ. True, clogged ears can be a symptom of TMJ/TMD, but I would see an ENT Dr. first. Popping noises of the jaw normally signify that there is a TMJ element, though (a disk displaced forward,) and should be evaluated. Read more...