If I developed anal warts from the HPV virus is it likely that it will spread to other areas of my body like to my penis and scrotum?

Yes, it may ... Warm and moist skin & mucosa are the breeding bed for HPV to replicate if it gains access into squamous cell of skin or the lining cell of mucosa by micro-injury. However, your body is constantly deploying its 2 lines of defense: external natrural barrier-skin/mucosa and internal humoral immunity. More? Contact www.HealthTap.com/dr-Lin with RQPWJC to login - audio/video gores faster & learns more.
Yes possible. You can autoinnoculate hpv from one part of your body to another.

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I have warts on my scrotum. I always use condoms when having sex. Can the hpv virus infect my penis? And what are the chances of hr-hpv?

Possible. The strains that cause warts are not considered high risk,but you get hr strains the same way.Condoms reduce but do not eliminate transfer of HPV strains. If you have warts, you may also have hr strains but not have any visible lesions. Read more...

I Have genital warts as well as anal warts outside and internally, I have HPV and have been for surgery 2 months back. Can I die from this virus?

Unlikely. The strains that produce genital warts are not associated with cancer, but you could have picked up the cancer associated strains the same way. The strain you have the warts from is more of a nuisance than a threat.After the warts clear or are removed, the germ can stay in your genital skin and re-emerge as warts later. Read more...