Can cake give you gas pains? B/c this is my second day eatting it and my stomach hurts really bad 

Hard to say. There are a few possible things that might cause cake to give you abdominal discomfort. It could be that you have some lactose intolerance and you're reacting to the milk in the cake. It could also be celiac sprue, in which case you're reacting to the gluten in the cake. If this continues to be a problem, it's worth getting it checked out with your doctor as it could be also due to something else.
Yes. Cake is high in fat and that can irritate your stomach, gall bladder and pancreas. If the pain persists or you develop vomiting, fevers or bloody stools, seek medical advice.
Gassy bloaty cake! Cake can cause gas for variety of reason: the fat, any dairy products if you are lactose intolerant, or if the ingredients used have gone bad. If you have it persist yo should see you doctor.