Possible tmjwhen open my mouth wide it cracks and kinda locks also have tinitus and ear crackle when yawn I used to wear braces+elastics 5 yr?

5 years? If you have had continuous treatment with the majority of the time wearing elastics, that is a very important clue. The amount of time stated is far too long for normal orthodontic correction. They may have been trying (in vain?) to correct a skeletal problem with a dental solution. Too long in heavy elastics can cause far too much stress on the jaw joint/occlusal system. Time to see a tmd doc.
Jamesdice48. Your questions related to your symptoms indicate a tmj/myofacial muscular disorder that needs to be treated. Wearing braces for years indicates that they been trying to stablize your occlusion. However, there are a number a factors that contirbute to your situation. The head and neck region is a complex balance of muscles, bones, and supporting structures. See your dentist!