I am a 60 year old woman. I have indigestion and a pain on the left side upper chest could this be a heart attack?

Pos heart attack. Could be heart related would check it out with professional also GI related ie esophageal reflux possible also.
Possibly. Your symptoms sound more like dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, which may be due to a stricture or swallowing dysfunction of the esophagus. You should have this evaluated by a gastroenterologist.
Possibly extra beats. It is always wise to look into any pain above the waist as if it were coming from your heart. At 60 it would be smart to get to a doctor for an ekg and maybe a stress test and an examination. It could just be indigestion, but it would be foolish to ignore your heart.

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I'm having a weird moderate pain in upper chest towards left side but above the heart. Comes & goes. Hard to describe, EKG normal. Heart attack?

How about. You get evaluated? Thrombocytosis, high blood pressure, anxiety for one so young is a lot to deal with. There is not anyway to tell this far away. An educated guess is not what you need. Answers will be found be by a prompt evaluation. Like, now. Yes, now. Go.

At my age can I be at risk of heart attack or oft her heart problems? Always worried about it. Get discomfort if left upper chest. Dnt drink or smoke.

Heart attack. You are a bit young. ..Would see an internist or cardiologist to determine your risk factors ie cholesterol, blood pressure, family history and other clinical factors.
Low likelihood. Family history? Diabetes? Sedentary? Obese? High cholesterol? These raise risk.

Had heart attack with two stents currently having sharp pains left side of chest one in lad/ld the pain is like some one 56 year old female

See cardiology. Over time, new blockages or stent stenosis can occur. Your recurrent symptom of angina is likely to be sign of coronary obstruction. Does it respond to nitroglycerin? See your cardiologist soon.

I have a pinching feeling that happens in my left side of my chest, comes out of nowhere then fades. 23 year old male. Could it be a heart attack?

Unlikely. Sharp or pinching discomfort is almost always from the thoracic cage and not from cardiac issues, this is especially true in people under 30 years of age.
Very unlikely. In you age - it would be very unlikely. Pain is also not typical. Women most commonly present with shortness of breath. If there is a pain it is more pressure - like or squeezing, location is also retrosternal (breast bone).

What distinguishes chest pains due to indigestion and a heart attack?

Nobody really knows. Risk factors such as hypertension, family history, high ldl, high BP and diabetes are important.
Hard to tell. These pains may be very hard to distinguish: indigestion usually occurs after meals, especially if spicy or fatty; heart attack pains usually occur with exertion, may be associated with shortness of breath or radiate down the arm. It is really hard to tell, unless you are in a hospital setting where the necessary tests may be done. Especially in women.

Bpm 46 (normal 56), indigestion, tight chest and throat. Could these be symptoms of a heart attack?

Yes. Unlikely but possible. Best to have an ekg even if it means visit to urgent care.
Tight Chest. Heart attack sx can include: chest pain or tightness, shortness of breath, increased sweating pain or numbness radiating down the arm (more often left than right) and nausea. There could be pain in the upper back, head, jaw or teeth. One fourth of people have heart attacks without chest pain. I agree with dr. Fisher about getting it checked out.

I'm and 18year old female my chest is hurting left side pressure like feeling im having a hard time breathing and my left arm is going numb am I having a heart attack?

Unlikely by get seen. Given your age and the fact that you are female, it is unlikely that your symptoms are cardiac, however the better part of valor would be to see your doctor to be evaluated.