What is the differencebetween goiter and mumps?

Thyroid and parotid. Goiter is a swelling of the thyroid gland, and mumps is an infection of parotid gland by mumps virus. Goiter is the one you see at the midline of the front of the neck, and mumps is a swelling you see in front of the ear on the side of the face. Goiter may be due to under or over-function of thyroid gland, and needs to be checked by a doctor. Mumps is highly contagious, but usually it heals.
Mumps v Goiter. There is no similarity at all. Goiter is a diffuse enlargement of the thyroid gland that may be due to hypothyroidism or dietary intake or lack of certain elements like iodine. Mumps is an infectious viral disease that causes swelling in the salivary glands and enlarged lymph nodes. It can affect the testes in males.