I have ringworm. Except I cannot rid my body of it. I shower frequently, use topical anti-bacterial cream, even anti-fungal cream. Nothing helps.?

See a dermatologist. Also could be something else. Not every round or circular rash is a fungal infection. Could be something non-infectious such as psoriasis or nummular eczema. A dermatologist should be able to distinguish between these possibilities and can perform a fungal scaping and/or skin biopsy if necessary to sort things out.
MD needs to look now. You have tried reasonable stuff, but now it is time for your physician to have a look. If it is ringworm, that is a fungus, so antibiotics would not work. Sometimes ringworm (fungus) requires a pill like Diflucan (fluconazole) 150 mg, taken by mouth to get results. Lotrimin af is a topical fungus killer. Other topical antifungals may not be fungus killers. You may end up going to a dermatologist in the end.