I feel my right ear clogged, its starting to hurt & its giving me head aches.?

See an MD. This may be a sign of an ear infection. This is an issue that needs to be evaluated by a physician who can do a physical examination to determine the cause and treatment of your synptoms.

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I have two little bumps on my head that's hurts really bad, also just noticed a sore feeling by my right ear& headache. What can this be?

ABSCESS FORMATION. Bumps on your head can be infection or abscess forming. Sore feeling by your right ear can be ear infection. So with all the infections going on, you are having headache. You need check-up and antibiotic rx.

My neck is sore in the back and I have been dizzy. My ear hurts and it feels clogged as well as red and warm at touch with headache. Possibilities?

Please see your. Doctor. You could have an ear infection, sinus infection or throat infection. The only way to tell is to have your doctor examine you. They should be able to tell what's wrong and give you the proper treatment to feel better.

Lump behind right ear with (rare for me) frequent headaches and sore throat. Lump doesnt hurt and is hard but I get a shooting pain in neck at times?

See your PCP. Some conditions like lump behind your ear require further assessment and your primary care doctor may schedule a follow-up appointment or refer you to a specialist to determine a diagnosis. See your PCP first for evaluation.
ENT doc. See the head and neck specialist - ENT doc to have lump assessed.

Sharp pains in my right ear! Lets start by saying I do clean my ears all the time, but now it seams that my ear is causing head aches right behind my ear. I also get a warm sensation inside me ear occompanied by the pain. My ears also feel a lot of pres

You. You may be dealing with allergies and/or sinus pressure and drainage hence the warm sensation. This type of pressure can affect your ears causing pain and the "popping" sensation. Try taking a daily anti-histamine like Claritin (loratadine) or alavert and also take a decongestant (i.e. Sudafed) and monitor for improvement. I hope this helps.

For about a month now my right ear is clogged, a little blurry vision in my right eye, and headaches on the right side of my head. What can it be?

Possible mastoiditis. The mastoid is the bone that houses the inner ear part of which is the temple bone. Infection in the mastoid could cause ear fullness and same side headache. Not sure about the blurred vision but double vision can come from mastoiditis when it involves the nerve that moves that side's eye laterally. May also be sphenoid sinus next to which runs the optic nerve (blurring) and a temple ache. See ent.