Am sure I don't have sleep apnea. Am not overweight. Father. Mother. Brother also snore.. I have large tonsils could it be the reason. Treatments?

Need to be tested. Without a study, you can't know. Tonsils can obstruct airflow, and if blocked long enough, that is the definition of obstructive sleep apnea. Tonsil removal may be all you need, but you need an exam. Tonsils may only be part of the problem. Often it is not enough. Apnea is common in skinny people.
Maybe. It is possible, but impossible to tell without a sleep study first. See a sleep physician.

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I have chronic severely enlarged tonsils meeting in midline. I know I snore. What are the chances I have sleep apnea?

Mgt. I would suggest an inbox consultation. You may have sleep apnea, based on your risk factors, but more information may be provided during the consult. Read more...