Does hydroquinone cause cancer? What is the best over-the-counter treatment to fade age spots on hands?

Consider Herbals. Azelaic, arbutin, kojic, licorice root extract are all herbal skin lighteners that will be a bit less potent than hydroquinone, but should help in the long run. Make sure you follow the recommended guidelines on the products you are using. Hope this helps!
Revaleskin, Revaleskin with coffee berry, is a no hydroquinone opt in. However fading creams do not remove age spots only lighten them. An ill or laser can be used to remove age spots in1-2 sessions with only slight redness for a few days. The q switched laser used for tattoos is designed for age spots.
No. No increase in cancer personally I don't know otc hydrquinone preparations.
Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone has not been proven to cause cancer in humans at the doses used cosmetically. The question is still being investigated. Elure is a new topical lightening cream that works differently than hydroquinone on the pigment cell pathway. It offers a quicker action of onset by immediately lightening the pigment granules rather than destroying the production of new pigment cells.