I have ms, are there certain vitamins I should take as well as my multivitamin?

Not many, so far. Most focus on vit d and the ms pt with higher levels has fewer relapses and less MRI lesions. Some pts have b-12 deficiencies associated with ms, so might get that checked. Early info about vitamin a but still preliminary and unsubstantiated.
Depends. You should ask your doctor to check a vit d level and get on vit d if needed to make your level normal. Also check with your doctor to see if you are anemic or in need of b vitamins. Except for vitamin d, most people who eat a basically healthy diet don't need any additional vitamins/minerals.

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I bought some ginkgo biloba and I wanted to know since I have MS would this vitamin be okay to take.?

Caution w/ lexapro (escitalopram) While it is safe to take gingko if you have MS, there is a theoretical risk of an interaction with Lexapro (escitalopram) that increases seizure risk. There are many herbs more likely to help MS than gingko. I advise working with an integrative doctor. Many who have been diagnosed with MS have Lyme disease, which can have similar symptoms but is treated differently. See http://tinyurl. Com/pt3zqvl.